Game Developer and Programmer


Struckd is a multi-platform game creation application that enables non-technical users to create games. I am leading an eight person development team to port the live game to Windows and Mac.

Forma Render

Unity Forma Render is a package in the Unity Forma Suite that lets you create realistic, high-resolution static shots that showcase your Product for marketing purposes. I led the development of the camera and application state systems to create a data-driven solution that is modular, reliable, and reproducible. I also presented the application to both external and internal stakeholders and conducted workshops to obtain actionable feedback to improve the UI/UX for subsequent releases.

One Man’s Trash is Another’s Treasure

One Man’s Trash is Another’s Treasure is a casual game created for Global Game Jam 2021 where you, as a resourceful entrepreneur, dumpster dive to find items that satisfy your customers. I designed and developed the core item system to efficiently and reliably spawn items during gameplay and also assisted other programmers to implement features and debug issues to ensure a timely submission.

Spatial Gamification Toolkit

The Spatial Gamification Toolkit is an augmented reality level editor for the HoloLens. Using a 3D situated trigger-action programming interface, basic logic can be applied to game objects to create interactive scenarios. I designed and developed a first-person, spatial trigger-action programming interface and conducted user studies to evaluate and determine the usability of the application


ShareDesign is an augmented reality interior design application. The application provides users with virtual workspaces and multiple view modes in a synchronized AR environment. I used the Unity networking system to create a real-time synchronized AR environment and lead usability workshops and user studies to refine and analyze the application.

The Four Kings Casino and Slots

The Four Kings Casino and Slots is an online social multiplayer casino game released on Steam and for the PS4. I collaborated with artists to develop Maya and Unity plugins to streamline the development process of 3D models and animations. I also created web tools and reports to improve project management and track the development of assets.

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