The Four Kings Casino and Slots

Role: Tools and Systems Programmer (Digital Leisure)
Duration: December 2013 - August 2014
Technology: Unity (C#), Maya (Python), Web (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP), Databases (SQL)

The Four Kings Casino and Slots is an online social multiplayer game released on Steam and for the PS4. Create and customize your own avatar and play some of your favourite casino games such as poker, slots and blackjack.

  • Collaborated with artists to develop Maya and Unity plugins to streamline the development process of 3D models and animations
  • Implemented in-game tools to test and debug character customization features
  • Created web tools and reports to improve project management and track the development of assets
Website Steam PlayStation Network


Role: Sole Developer
Duration: December 2015
Technology: Android (Processing)

ColourBomb is a mobile augmented reality search game where you search the real world to match up the bombs with physical objects of that colour.

  • Utilized Processing for Android to rapidly develop a working prototype
  • Processed the camera feed and compared colours in Lab colour space for higher accuracy
Google Play

Shoot to Ten

Role: Sole Developer
Duration: January 2014 - August 2014
Technology: Unity (C#)

Shoot to Ten is a mobile puzzle game where you shoot a ball to hit the numbers one to ten in order. A variety of tiles influence the level's composition and difficulty.

  • Created a flexible level loader that supports a variety of tiles and basic logic
  • Designed and implemented all the various tile types and mechanics
  • Conducted user playtest sessions to obtain feedback on game mechanics and play experience


Role: Team Leader and Programmer
Duration: Global Game Jam 2014 (January 24 - 26, 2014)
Technology: Unity (C#)

Relativity is a puzzle platforming game created for Global Game Jam 2014. Play as a character with the ability to shift in and out of the shadow world and try to collect the gems and navigate through the levels.

  • Programmed the trigger system for all interactable environment objects
  • Collaborated with the designers and artists on the design of the gameplay elements
Global Game Jam Entry Download


Role: Team Leader and Lead Programmer
Duration: January 2012 - April 2012
Technology: OpenGL (C++, Cg)

SHFTed is a third person action adventure game where you explore a magical world and do battle with enemy soldiers. SHFTed was demo'd at Level Up 2012 and at the 2012 UOIT GameCon.

  • Singlehandedly created a 3D game engine from scratch with physics, rendering, and gameplay systems
  • Implemented various shaders, such as fullscreen effects, using the Cg language
  • Organized team meetings and oversaw the production of the game